Nifty is a small but mighty consulting group, led by our Managing Principal Consultant Erik Smetana, specializing in services and thought partnerships focused on human resources, people strategies, and the employee experience with purpose/mission driven organizations. 

Our methods may be a bit different. We view every engagement as a unique opportunity to craft bespoke products and services focused around executive search, advisory and consulting services, strategic development and planning, and leadership coaching with outstanding clients ranging from colleges and universities, small-to-midsize not-for-profits, socially minded businesses, and many others in order to better recruit, retain, recognize, and reward awesome teams doing amazing work. The Nifty Approach:

  • Be selective... we work with a few clients at a time, where we can have a positive impact and do meaningful work
  • Be experts... we strive to bring unique talent to the table based on client needs
  • Be awesome... we want our clients to not just meet their goals, but to feel great about how they got there

Through the Nifty Approach and our C.A.R.E.S.Model we provide services that create something more than just a deliverable...

Maybe, we can work together sometime?